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All business among customers and Prime Transfers is an exchange dependent on the terms and conditions characterized here. When any customer puts in a request, the presumption is that the customer consents to all the terms and conditions indicated on this website. By booking through our website, phone, or email, you concur that you can legally enter binding contracts and are over 18 years old.


The booking team at Prime Transfers will make every effort to serve their customers 24/7. We will always aim to meet all standards. However, we may need 24 hours notice to plan the chauffeured vehicle for the customer’s particular journey. All costs referred to are in GBP, with hiring starting at the pick-up point (A) and finishing at the drop-off point (B) besides those agreements which are to or from various air terminals or those that are the subject of a fixed charge. To acquire a quote or make a booking through our booking agent, the customer must give us full contact details, including full name, email address, and contact number. Failing to do as such, Prime Transfers will not be able to assist you any further.

Online Bookings

All online bookings are subject to approval from the Prime Transfers team. Infrequently, errors might arise where online maps and quotes are miscalculated and a trip is listed at an incorrect price. Prime Transfers will keep up the right to refund or cancel journeys booked at the incorrect price. Suppose the order has been confirmed and the customer’s credit card has been charged. In that case, Prime Transfers will contact the customer at the nearest time possible to discuss whether the customer wants a refund or is ready to pay the outstanding amount (if the incorrect price was higher than the correct one). Methods of payment should be discussed subsequently.

Prime Transfers requires a minimum of 12 hours notice for online bookings. If you wish to book a car with less than 12 hours notice, please contact our booking agent on (+44) 7594194005 (WhatsApp).

• Online prices are valid for the journeys booked within the UK.

• Online prices or bookings include public and bank holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve and Day, where 100% additional charges apply.

Waiting Time

All quotes for journeys from UK air terminals incorporate 60 minutes of complimentary waiting time. All other trips include 15 minutes complimentary waiting time. After the complimentary time is finished for all journeys, a charge of £50/hour applies and will be separately charged.


Charges can be paid online on our website. In some exceptional circumstances, the payment in cash will be available.

• Credit or debit card payments have a surcharge already included in the final fare. Credit and debit card surcharges are non-refundable for booking cancellations.

• Your booking might be subject to additional waiting time. The payment options are to be discussed at the end of the trip.

• Stop charge: £15 charge applies to any stops on the way to drop-off or pick-up another passenger or an item. 15 minutes grace period is allowed at stops.

• The charge on your credit/debit card statement will be shown as Prime Transfers.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

• Cancellations or corrections must be made and confirmed by Prime Transfers 12 hours before the scheduled pick-up time. Otherwise, Prime Transfers reserves the right to charge the client for the total amount. This also applies to bookings that are made within 12 hours of the pick-up time.

• For bookings involving one or more vehicles for one day or one vehicle for several days of hire, the following cancellation fees apply:

1. Less than 24 hours notice - a 50% cancellation fee will be applied for each vehicle.

2. Less than 12 hours notice – a 100% cancellation fee will be applied for each vehicle.

3. If the customer fails to arrive at the nominated location for which a booking has been made and confirmed, the money paid will be non-refundable.

4. For flight cancellations, the money paid will be refunded (except the payment surcharge, please refer to details in ‘’payments’’ section) if the customer informs us on the cancellation immediately after it has been announced or decided. In cases when the customer does not notify us on the cancellation on time, the money paid may be non-refundable.

Chauffeurs & Cars

Our chauffeurs will drive at reasonable speeds as per their judgment of the pervasive street conditions and traffic at any specific time. At the point when a hirer wishes to make a trip to a particular location, the driver will travel by the route which is, in his supposition, the best and generally advantageous for motoring, regardless of whether the route is the shortest or not, unless instructed otherwise or the hirer requests a specific route.

A reasonable amount of ordinary passenger baggage is allowed. However, luggage will not be carried, which amounts to excessive weight in the chauffeur’s view. Prime Transfers reserves the right to refuse to carry luggage that is very large and heavy in the chauffeur’s view.

Fleet Categories:

* FIRST-CLASS | Mercedes S-Class or equivalent.

* BUSINESS XL | Mercedes V-Class or equivalent.

We reserve the right to change the vehicles to an equivalent before the journey dependent on accessibility without prior notification, if a previously requested vehicle is inaccessible or if there is a risk of a driver not making it on the scheduled time for a pick-up. We will guarantee the category chosen by you but not the make, specs or colour of the vehicle.

If any passenger is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose conduct represents a threat to the driver, the vehicle or other passengers might be refused travel. The money will not be refunded.

Solicitations for child seats must be made at the time of the booking. Child seats will be provided free of charge. We will consistently intend to fulfil such demands. However, the inability to do so won’t comprise a break of the contract. Suppose you wish to utilize your child seat. In that case, you will be responsible for installing it safely and removing it at your destination. Care should likewise be taken not to harm the inside of the vehicle. Otherwise, you will be charged compensation.


Prime Transfers acknowledges no responsibilities regarding any damage or loss to any property or luggage carried in or on the vehicle except if the damage or loss is a consequence of negligence by Prime Transfers LTD. When the property is being left or forgotten in a vehicle, Prime Transfers will happily organize the return of such things if the customer covers the postage expense.

We don’t take responsibility to pay for any missed flights. Please refer to details in ''exceptions'' section.

If the interior or exterior of the vehicle is damaged in any form by the customer, an invoice for repairs or valeting will be issued, and payment methods will be discussed. If refusing to pay for the damage caused, legal action will be taken.


We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in performance of our commitments – if an event beyond our control causes these. An event beyond our control is characterized as any demonstration or event beyond our reasonable control, including invasion, war, threats (regardless of whether war declared or not), civil war, revolution, rebellion, flood, storm, snow, subsidence, earthquakes, epidemics or other natural disasters as well as a failure of public or private broadcast communications systems. Traffic delays, road traffic accidents, tire punctures, road closures, lockouts, and strikes are included.

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, punctures or accidents – we will put forth a valiant effort to complete the journey with another fellow chauffeur but will not guarantee the arrival time.

If an event beyond our control occurs that influences the performance of our commitments under an agreement:

• We will get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity to notify you.

• Our commitments under a contract will be suspended at the time of performance. They will be extended depending on the duration of the event that is beyond our control.

• Every exertion will be made by Prime Transfers to ensure that our vehicle(s) or Sub-Contractors’ vehicle(s) arrive on the scheduled time.


In case of a complaint about the company’s services, the hirer should try to look for a solution by seeking assistance from the driver or the company. If this action does not resolve the issue, complaints should be submitted in a written form within 14 days of the contract’s end date. The company will acknowledge all complaints within 14 days and will typically reply within 28 days.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy against provocations, harassment, discrimination, and rudeness either verbally or in a written form against our representatives, employees and contractors. In such an event, we hold full rights to withdraw our services to customers immediately and at the time of the event. Full money paid for services will not be refundable.

Prime Transfers maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles.


Payments must be approved and authorized by the cardholder named in the booking. We retain the right to cancel the booking without prior notice if we suspect that the customer or the cardholder are involved in or associated with any fraudulent activity. Such suspicion might be based on the following activities:

* The customer cannot provide, when addressed, information about the itinerary such as full pick-up and destination addresses, full passenger name and contact number or any other obligatory prerequisites by the company.

* The customer cannot provide, when addressed, contact information for the cardholder for us to carry out security checks.

* The cardholder did not authorize the payment and claims that the booking is fraudulent.

* There has been previous fraudulent activity/chargebacks by the customer or the cardholder.

* The information given while booking is inaccurate/incompetent/erratic or linked to any fraudulent behaviour.

* There have been multiple payment attempts with erratic details entered.

* If we reasonably suspect that the customer or the cardholder are associated with any fraudulent activity, we hold full rights to refuse any bookings. We might report this activity to the fraud department.

Privacy Policy

Prime Transfers is committed to securing and respecting your privacy. We will treat all your personal information as confidential and never disclose it to any third parties. We will only use it per our Privacy Policy:

* At the point when you book on this website, we will request that you input your details to identify you and secure your bookings. These details can include your name, email address, billing address, credit card or other payment information.

* We confirm that the payment information will not be held by us but securely encrypted onto the third-party payment system we use.

* If you are or have been our client in the past, we reserve full rights to use your company name or logo on our website under our clients’ section without written notice.

Nothing included in these Ts&Cs can affect the client’s statutory rights.