1. Are you a licensed company?
- Yes, We are licensed by TFL. Our PHOL nr. is 0102360101.

2. Are your services available 24/7?
- Yes. We operate 24/7, all through the year.

3. How do I book?
- You can book by contacting us on +44 (0) 7594194005 or online on our website.

4. How far in advance do I need to make a booking?
- We require a minimum of 8 hours’ notice for online bookings. If you wish to book a car with less than 8 hours’ notice, please get in touch with us on +44 (0) 7594194005 (WhatsApp/Telegram).

5. Are your prices fixed?
- Yes. The prices are fixed for pre-booked transfers; however, for any additional pick-ups, drop-offs or diversions additional charges will be incurred.

6. How do I pay?
- You can pay online with any major debit or credit card.

7. Will I be charged extra for flight delays or cancellations?
- The chauffeur will always track your flight and enter the terminal after the landing time. No extra charges will apply if your flight is delayed by 45 minutes; however, if your flight is delayed by more than 45 minutes, then there would be a waiting time fee since our chauffeurs are usually limited to another tasks. In case of flight cancellations, charges will be incurred.

8. What should I do if my flight is delayed or the flight details change?
- Inform us on the changes (email or call) and keep in touch in case of new changes.

9. Will my chauffeur be at the airport if my flight arrives early?
- We monitor all flights and we will try our best to arrive as early as possible. This is subject to the chauffeur’s availability.

10. Will I receive the chauffeur’s contact details?
- Yes. The chauffeur’s contact details will be provided to you.

11. Will I be notified when my chauffeur arrives?
- Absolutely! Upon arrival at the pick-up location, our chauffeur will contact you.

12. How can I find my chauffeur at the airport?
- Our chauffeur will wait for you in the arrival hall with a name board.

13. What do I do if I can’t find my chauffeur?
- Contact us on +44 (0) 7594194005 and we will assist you in locating your driver.

14. Will the chauffeur drive over the speed limit?
- No. Our chauffeurs will never speed.

15. Will the chauffeur carry my luggage?
- Absolutely! The chauffeur will always provide support in carrying your bags and luggage.

16. Can I book a vehicle for my child?
- Absolutely.

17. Will the chauffeur provide me with an umbrella if needed?
- Absolutely.

18. Can I charge my phone in the vehicle?
- Phone chargers are available in all our vehicles.

19. Will bottled water be provided in the vehicle?
- Yes. Provided free of charge.

20. Is smoking or eating allowed in the vehicle?
- We maintain a strict non-smoking policy in all our vehicles; however, we will happily stop for smoke breaks if needed. We do not allow eating in our vehicles.