Chauffeur Services London

Safety is essential during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It's a truly global phenomenon, and that means whether you're travelling domestically or coming from abroad, you need to consider how you can travel as safely as possible. The problem is that the world can't just stop indefinitely - business has to keep moving, which means you might have to keep taking journeys.

However, there is a way for you to travel safely. By using a professional chauffeur service London residents and visitors can travel as safely as possible. Prime Transfers is the luxury chauffeur service London relies on - we're here to help you.


At Prime Transfers we offer all manner of chauffeur, private transport, and airport transfer related services. We provide the airport transfers London residents rely on to get them to their destination safely and on time. Does using the services of a private chauffeur London residents depend on for all manner of business and personal transport cost a lot? The simple answer is NO.

If you're interested in hiring a premier chauffeur London can offer, you'll find them at Prime Transfers. We have experience in all manner of services you would expect from a professional London chauffeur company, and our service is tailored to you.

Our services are not just centred around London, however. We can assist you with reliable, affordable, and comfortable travel throughout the UK and even Europe. Whether it's a business meeting, a flight, or just a personal journey, you can rely on us.


Before looking at the kind of chauffeur hire London can offer, you, of course, will want to know why it makes sense. The benefits of an executive chauffeur that London travelers can consistently rely on primarily involves taking the stress and the strain out of your journey. If you have an appointment or a meeting, you need to get to your flight, or you want a car waiting for you when you land, a private chauffeur can help to take the headaches out of it. This allows you to plan and execute your journey in comfort.

But what about now the coronavirus pandemic has struck the world? The truth is that using a professional chauffeur service in London makes even more sense now than ever before. At Prime Transfers, we're always committed to the health, well-being, and comfort of our clients. It has long been our policy to ensure our vehicles are cleaned and valeted regularly to ensure that they are pleasant to travel in.

As a response to coronavirus, however, we have expanded on this by enacting company-wide policies to ensure your safety. This involves the provision of antibacterial products, wipes, and masks for our clients to use in all of our vehicles. Every vehicle is subject to a thorough cleaning and decontamination between clients, to absolutely minimise the risk of cross-contamination. Our drivers ensure their hands are washed repeatedly and will wear a mask while they are driving. All of this is to help minimise the spread of infection.

So if you must travel, doing so in via our London private chauffeurs is now the safest method, as well as the most comfortable. Don't put yourself at any further risk than you need to - keep away from public transport, and invest in your comfort and safety.


If you want to invest in any of our executive private chauffeur services, or you're looking for an airport shuttle in London you can trust to be clean and reliable, all you have to do is contact Prime Transfers, or book online.